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dc.contributor.authorGamboa Garay, Oscar Andrés
dc.contributor.authorAgudel, Sergio Iván
dc.contributor.authorMaldonado, María Jose
dc.contributor.authorLeguizamón Castillo, Diana Carolina
dc.contributor.authorCala, Sandra M.
dc.description5 páginases_CO
dc.description.abstractObjective To evaluate two debriefing strategies for the development of neonatal resuscitation skills in health professionals responsible for the critical newborn care in a high-complexity university Hospital. Results A simple blind randomized clinical trial was conducted. Twenty-four professionals (pediatricians, nurses, and respiratory therapists) were randomly assigned for two interventions; one group received oral debriefing and the other oral debriefing assisted by video. Three standardized clinical scenarios that were recorded on video were executed. A checklist was applied for the evaluation, administered by a reviewer blinded to the assignment of the type of debriefing. The two debriefing strategies increased the technical and behavioral neonatal resuscitation skills of the participants, without one being superior to the other. The coefficient of the difference in the compliance percentage between the two types of debriefing was − 3.6% (95% CI − 13.77% to 6.47%). When comparing the development of technical and behavioral skills among the professionals evaluated, no significant differences were found between the types of debriefing. The two debriefing strategies increase compliance percentages, reaching or approaching 100%.eng
dc.publisherBMC Res Noteses_CO
dc.relation.ispartofseriesBMC Res Notes. 2018 Oct 17;11(1):739
dc.rightsAttribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International*
dc.sourceinstname:Universidad de La Sabanaes_CO
dc.sourcereponame:Intellectum Repositorio Universidad de La Sabanaes_CO
dc.subjectCardiopulmonary resuscitationes_CO
dc.subjectSimulation traininges_CO
dc.subjectTeam resuscitationes_CO
dc.titleEvaluation of two strategies for debriefing simulation in the development of skills for neonatal resuscitation: a randomized clinical triales_CO

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