What is Intellectum?

Dspace is the institutional repository of La Sabana University that is consolidated as a specialized information system that recovers, preserves and provides a result of the investigative labor of the university community in all knowledge areas, and transfers it to internal and external clients through non-presence channels.


General objective

  • Recover the documental memory of La Sabana University, product of realized investigations, with the purpose to show it worldwide by a logic and ordered form, facilitating it´s exploitation.

Specific Objectives

  • Simplify the access process to high quality academic information.
  • Generate shared value with the region arranging different investigations made by the university community
  • Consolidate an access channel for the academic leader information to the region

Intellectum Services

  • Document storage with high security standards.
  • Free access to documents product of investigations.
  • Documents segmentation between confidential and public.
  • Information retrieval assisted by communities and collections.
  • Integration to social media to realize divulgation of specific segments of information