Policies and guidelines of the institutional repository

The institutional repository Intellectum (RII) of La Sabana university was approved by the commission of general affairs of the superior council in the act 1370 of December 6, 2012 with the purpose of administering, preserving and diffusing the intellectual, scientific, cultural and historical of the university community, establishing a digital access channel open to such production. In this way, the RII aims to:

  • Integrate the different areas that composed the intellectual, scientific, cultural and historical production of the university community
  • Feedback the research
  • Give support to the electronic publications of the institution
  • Ensuring compliance with international standards to facilitate the visibility of content and integration with other repositories
  • Ensure the long-term preservation and usability of information


The administration of the repository oversees the direction of the library Octavio Arizmendi Posada. the RII is constituted by 6 communities that allow to organize, preserve and to spread the intellectual, kinetic, cultural and historical production of the university in a logical and orderly way. these communities are

  1. Degree Work: Contains undergraduate and postgraduate undergraduate work. has information from the year 2000 onwards
  2. Open digital educational resources REDA: contains virtual learning objects, applications, courses, and support material to the academy
  3. Institutional memory: it has information related to the historical and cultural heritage of La Sabana University
  4. Articles of institutional journals: contains the articles of the serial publications of La Sabana university
  5. Cipriano Rodriguez Santa Maria historical archive: contains relevant historical documents of the 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th centuries on social, economic, religious and political issues in the history of Colombia.
  6. Indexed research articles: contains research articles published in indexed journals made by university professors and researchers

Click here to download the full text document of the institutional repository policy intellectum.