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dc.contributor.advisorTernent de Samper, Ana María
dc.contributor.advisorBryan Zambrano, Nohora Edith
dc.contributor.authorBernal Lesmes, Jenny Ángela
dc.contributor.authorCastañeda Panqueba, Eimy Alejandra
dc.contributor.authorPáramo Cortés, Marcela
dc.description1 documento en PDF de 155 páginas incluye diagramases_CO
dc.description.abstractFostering oral skills in the English classroom in a social and educational context where opportunities to practice the language are scarce and the evaluation of students’ perceptions about their abilities for performing oral tasks lacks clear criteria, are some of the difficulties students face nowadays. This study uses six self-access speaking materials structured around the modeling strategy, as the vehicle to develop more accurate speaking self-efficacy beliefs in a group of 21 seventh grade students from three public schools in Ciudad Bolivar, Bogota. The theoretical support of this study includes self-regulation processes structured around the modeling strategy, the use of web 2.0 tools, self-assessment processes and the sources of self-efficacy. Furthermore, this study follows a mixed method of data collection that is both quantitative and qualitative, applied through three stages (Formulation of the research question, designing-implementation, and observation-reflection processes). The data were obtained from the application of instruments like surveys, semi-structured questionnaires, journal analysis and speaking tasks registered on the online platform Edmodo.es_CO
dc.publisherUniversidad de La Sabanaes_CO
dc.rightsAttribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International*
dc.sourceUniversidad de la Sabana
dc.sourceIntellectum Repositorio Universidad de la Sabana
dc.titleSelf-access materials: The contribution of online resources to speaking self-efficacy beliefses_CO
dc.publisher.programMaestría en didáctica del inglés para el aprendizaje autodirigidoes_CO
dc.publisher.departmentDepartamento de Lenguas y Culturas Extranjeras.es_CO
dc.type.localTesis de maestría
dc.creator.degreeMagister en didáctica del inglés para el aprendizaje autodirigidoes_CO
dc.subject.lembExpresión oral y escrita
dc.subject.lembInglés -- Enseñanza -- Colombia
dc.subject.lembEducacion bilingue

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