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dc.contributor.authorParra Pérez, Diana Angélica
dc.contributor.authorCorredor Plazas, Nelson Javier
dc.contributor.authorGalbreath, Amber
dc.contributor.authorAveranga, Alfredo Jose
dc.contributor.authorPinzón Heredia, Camila Andrea
dc.contributor.authorRuíz Mora, Karol Melissa
dc.contributor.authorMenza Vados, Darío Alejandro
dc.description.abstractBy the end of this module the student will be able to describe a friend, say why he/she likes him or her and how frequent they do things together. As well as he/she will be. Interaction, Friendships, Time Expressions, Describing, Qualities, Frequency Adverbs.es_CO
dc.rightsAttribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International*
dc.subjectInglés comercial -- Enseñanzaes_CO
dc.subjectInglés -- Enseñanzaes_CO
dc.subjectInglés -- Vocabularioes_CO
dc.titleBest Friendses_CO
dc.typeLearning Objectes_CO

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